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Formed in 1910, Ayr Pipe Band was born from the desire of the local Ayr business owners who wanted a local pipe band to help the town flourish.  The Band performed proudly for the people of Ayr through till the early 1930’s when Ayr Pipe Band became a society, thus Ayr Pipe Band Society was established.

Also in 1930, the requirement for a governing body was required in order to grade bands and provide rules and regulation in which pipe band could compete under.

Initially founded as the Scottish Pipe Band Association (later to become RSPBA), Ayr Pipe Band Society became one of the first registered members with the registration number 3.

The band were on regular display and were a prominent establishment within the town.  The band featured prominently home and abroad and their keen competitive spirit on the competition field was reflected by the band’s success in the circle. 

Since the inception of Ayr Pipe Band Society, the band has never forgotten its purpose and has never lost sight of its aims, as reflected in the bands constitution:

“To teach and encourage youth in the arts of Piping and Drumming”  

Throughout the history of Ayr Pipe Band Society, the band has achieved magnificent success none more so than in 1976 when under the  guidance and leadership of Ayrshire’s finest Pipe Major, David Clark aided by Leading Drummer Bert Boyd and Pipe Sergeants Drew McKissock and Ian Mathieson, Ayr Pipe Band Society marched into the Grade One arena with 40% of the band made up of home grown Ayrshire teenagers who were part of the band since they first picked up their instruments.

During this successful era the band performed worldwide, representing Ayr and were the British and Scottish Champions and after having travelled to Canada returned with the Intercontinental Championship.   

In this present day, though the band may not be at the lofty heights of Grade One, Ayr Pipe Band Society have the same burning desire to uphold and follow through on the very reason the band was formed and to this day, performing in Grade Three the band still marches with pride representing the people of Ayr(shire) whilst maintaining the ever developing teaching programme and to their credit marched out in 2019 with over 50% of the Pipe Corp having been taught from scratch by the band.

The Band Marches On, Breathing Ayr into Piping….


On the 11th of June 2022 the band lead by Pipe Major Neil Hall and Leading Drummer Robert Andrew achieved what was thought by many to be a pipe dream. The band marched to the line a outshone every other pipe band in the Grade 3B arena and won their first Major in over 50 years with the 2022 MSR.

Front row left – right: P/m Neil Hall, James Bryce, Mason Morrison, Skye Queay, Sandie Greenwood, Murray Stewart. 2nd row left – right: John Ferguson, William McClymont, Cameron Sheppard, Adam Bell, Paul Devlin. 3rd row left – right; Phil Leary, Christopher Rae, Jack Cowan, Fionn Buchannan, Carron Andrew. Back row left – right; Craig Ferguson, L/D Robert Andrew, Matthew Brisbane, Sandra Logan, Jack Innes, Christopher Bone. Not captured in this image is piper Richard Wilson

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